5 Most Phenomenal Travel Destinations in the United States

5 Most Phenomenal Travel Destinations in the United States

5 Most Phenomenal Travel Destinations in the United States

5 Most Phenomenal Travel Destinations in the United States – Visiting the most phenomenal tourist attractions in the United States is a special excitement for travelers. You can enjoy the best after landing in Uncle Sam’s Land. This latest review will reveal some unforgettable tourist destinations in the history of Traveling. What are these tours, immediately refer to the following description, among others;

1. Disneyland
Huckleberrybar – Everyone knows what Disneyland is. This is the most popular and phenomenal tourist spot in California. You can see how it feels to imagine like a fairy tale movie that still has a strong aroma. The place was first opened on July 17, 1995. It’s no wonder that every year it has millions of local and foreign visitors. Because they will always get satisfaction when they arrive in it. And to enjoy the beauty on offer, guests only need to provide a budget starting from USD 10.

2. Liberty Enlightening The World
Everyone in the world knows the greatness of Liberty Enlightening The World. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom for the United States of America. This statue is located upstream of the Hudson River, New York Harbor, United States of America. Historically, the statue was a gift from the French State in the mid-19th century. Until now the atmosphere of the visitors in the area can not be described in words – words. Because they are very interested in enjoying the natural beauty that radiates from morning to evening. This attraction is open from 8 am to 4 pm with a ticket fee of USD 18.

3. Universal Studios Hollywood
No less interesting than the two attractions above, Universal Studio Hollywood is indeed worth a visit. Especially when you are traveling with relatives or family. Every guest will feel proud of the traveling experience because they are accompanied by the famous Study Tour, Jimm Fallon. All guests will know how the details of making a film from the easiest to the most difficult Take. In it are also available various rides that often become icons of each film. One of the best rides is Fast & Furious. The opening hours of this tourist spot are 9 am to 9 pm and are subject to an entrance ticket and a tour worth USD 80.

4. Warner Bros Studio
Since childhood, maybe we are still wondering about WB Studio. Because the production of the film always displays quality cartoons. But now, Warner Bros. Studio has penetrated into various film genres. Los Angeles is the best city that can juggle the boredom of visitors from all directions. Later you can also enjoy the shooting location directly while seeing the process of making the best and famous films in history. Visitors will be charged a Tour fee of approximately USD 250 during 9am to 8pm.

5. White House
And forgetting the White House is not the best travel plan. Because the White House is very famous in the United States. The Georgian-style building has stood for more than 2 centuries. Uniquely, the overall color of the building is dominated by white. The White House was built by the famous American architect, Jemes Hoban since 1792. It has 6 levels and 132 rooms. Where these rooms function as workspaces, residences to collections of historical objects. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the building from Tuesday to Saturday without an entrance ticket.

Surely these five tours are the most phenomenal destinations in the United States. Many slot gambling players often come to him for inspiration before jumping into the real money betting arena.